Daily at 11 00 from the entrance into St Peters church


What is Old Riga Free tour

Old Riga Free Tour is a great opportunity to find out information about Riga and Latvia.
During 2 hours our guide will take you around many sightseeing places, share history and stories around them!

The city of contrasts! Old Riga is city`s historical part where many centuries meet up in one place. Walk through 800 years of Riga. All that and many more on our Old Riga Free Tour.

Today when walking free tours have become so popular sometimes there is more
than 1 free tour in a town. The question is how to choose the right one in
order not to waste time and avoid disappointment.

Old Riga Free Tour is designed to be most comprehensive, informative and useful tour in Riga
with one of best professional tour guides in town.

You certainly won’t regret choosing  our free tour.

After tour advice on what to do in Riga: where to go, what else to see, where to eat and so on- all that is always shared with you guys.
If the Tour was enjoyed by you we are happy and grateful to get your tips too! :)


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Look for a tour guide with a Blue Suitcase