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About Us

Old Riga Free Tour is established for all Riga visitors. Tour runs 5 years and is loved by visitors from all over the world. We try to make the tour not only informative, but fun, entertaining and tour that you will have loved when it ends!
We have realized that Free tours around the world oftenly are more loved by people then fixed price events, also it is a chance to meet many other people and oftenly unite to spend time together in our city and country!
We are enthusiastic, well- informed and certified guides that have come under one name - Old Riga Free Tour.

Old Riga Free Tour - designed to introduce you to history,  culture, architecture and daily life of Riga and Latvia. Spiced up with personal stories and legends this tour will make you happy at the end of it! Plus it is for tips that you decide on!:)

See you soon on our tour!