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I am born half decade before Soviet Union collapse. Most of my life i
have lived in Riga.

I love Riga. I enjoy meeting people and I am passionate about my job
being a tour guide. I feel really priviledged for given opportunity to meet
so many people from all around the world and pass over my feelings, love and
passion about my beloved city! 

I have guided tours in Riga and Latvia now for 8 years. Except
being tour guide for Old Riga Free Tour I am also keen and experienced guide
for bicycle and Segway tours. So it is very probable that you can see me:
walking, cycling or riding  Segway.





My mother is a blond, blue-eyed Latvian, who fell in love with my father, a German with Black-Sea German ancestors and the result was me! I was born in Jūrmala during Soviet times, but grew up in Germany. 1993 my family decided to move to Latvia and here I am!

 You may already guess, that I have a quite intriguing family history and so is the history of Riga - a bit like me: half Latvian, half German.

Riga is my home for 23 years now and I fell in love with the city right from the start and so, I believe, do our guests.

 The last 3 years I have the best job in the world - being a tour guide, as I spend my working day in fresh air, I achieve everyday the minimum of 10 000 steps and I meet nice and friendly people from around the world.

 My life’s motto is: “Whatever you are, be a good one.” (Abraham Lincoln agrees me on that).

So I give my best telling about Riga and how it is to be a Latvian slash German in this multi cultural city. Also sometimes on a bike or Segway!




My name is Yanis (Latvian Jānis). My main area of expertise is sinology. 
I have a bunch of hobbies: history, science&technology, languages, computers, amateur radio, religion... Yet becoming a guide was all my wife's idea. She kept saying: you're into languages, you love history, you talk a lot, sometimes too much even... Let's make use of that!
So here I am. Guiding has become a part of my being. And Riga is a perfect place for history, art, music or culture lovers. So come and live through the adventure this city offers!