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Old Riga Free Toour Guides



I am Rigan, born half decade before Soviet Union collapse. Most of my life i
have lived in Riga.

I love Riga. I enjoy meeting people and I am passionate about my job
being a tour guide. I feel really priviledged for given opportunity to meet
so many people from all around the world and pass over my feelings, love and
passion about my beloved city! 

I have guided tours in Riga and Latvia now for 8 years. Except
being tour guide for Old Riga Free Tour I am also keen and experienced guide
for bicycle and Segway tours. So it is very probable that you can see me:
walking, cycling or riding  Segway.


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Edvards is one of the most sought after and well reviewed guides in Riga and it's easy to see why. With a background in both improv theatre and competitive debating, Edvards' tours are always compelling, interactive and humorous.

Edvards has worked as a tour guide for 3 years and, apart from a 3 year stay in Canada, has lived in Riga his whole life, which means you are getting professional expertise combined with local know how. 'I really can't think of a better job than this- getting to show off my home city and meeting cool new people everyday.



Toms and Edvards

Dedicated winning team - setting new standards for what Free tour in Riga has to look like.